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In the following, we would like to inform you about the processing of personal data in connection with the use of our website.

​Responsible person David McCauley, is responsible for this website. ​

What data is processed?

Legal basis for data processing

In order to be able to offer you our website and the related services, we process personal data on the basis of the following legal bases:

  • Consent (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. a) GDPR)
  • to fulfill contracts (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b) GDPR
  • on the basis of a weighing of interests (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR)
  • to fulfill a legal obligation (Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. c) GDPR)

In connection with the respective processing, we will refer to the corresponding terms so that you can classify the basis on which we process personal data. If personal data is processed on the basis of your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent to us at any time with effect for the future. If we process data on the basis of a balancing of interests, you as the person concerned have the right to object to the processing of personal data, taking into account the requirements of Art. 21 GDPR.​

Access data

When you visit our website, personal data is processed in order to be able to display the contents of the website on your device.

In order for the pages to be displayed in your browser, the IP address of the device you are using must be processed. There is also further information about the browser of your device.

We are obliged under data protection law to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data processed with our IT systems.

For this purpose and out of this interest, the following data is logged on the basis of a weighing of interests:

  • IP address of the calling computer (for a maximum of 7 days)
  • Operating system of the calling computer
  • Browser version of the calling computer
  • Name of the file accessed
  • Date and time of the request
  • amount of data transferred
  • Referring url

The IP address will be deleted from all systems used in connection with the operation of this website after 7 days at the latest. We can then no longer establish a personal reference from the remaining data.

The data is also used to identify and correct errors on the website.​

Contact form

We offer a contact form on our website which you can use to request information about our services or to contact us in general. We have marked the data you need to answer an inquiry as mandatory fields. Information on other data fields is voluntary.

We need this information in order to process your request, to address you correctly and to send you an answer. The data processing takes place in the case of specific inquiries for the fulfillment of a contract or the initiation of a contract. In the case of general inquiries, processing takes place on the basis of a weighing of interests.

Inquiries received via the contact form on our website are electronically processed by us in order to answer your request. In this context, other persons or departments and possibly third parties may also receive knowledge of the form content that you have sent. The form data is transmitted over the Internet via encrypted connections.​


Cookies are used on our website. Cookies are small pieces of text information that are stored on your device via your browser. The cookies are required to enable certain functions of our website.

We use both session cookies, which are automatically deleted from your browser immediately after you have finished visiting the website.

All of the aforementioned cookies are essential for the operation of our website. Cookies that are not absolutely necessary are only used with consent. In these cases, you will be shown a corresponding consent form on the website.

You have the option of preventing cookies from being set by making the appropriate settings in your browser. However, we would like to point out that the use of our website may then only be possible to a limited extent. Cookies do not install or start any programs or other applications on your computer.

Cookies are used on the basis of a weighing of interests. Our interest is the user-friendly visit to our website.​

Web analysis

1. Visitor Analytics
The “Visitor Analytics” tool is used on our website. Visitor Analytics is a simple website analysis service that records data traffic on our website and general information about website visitors. We collect statistics, e.g. which pages the visitors visit and when, where they are roughly, where on the website they land first, or whether they come from a specific referrer, in order to improve the experience of our website visitors.
As a website operator who uses Visitor Analytics, we process information about the device type and the screen size / resolution of our visitors, the approximate location, the browser, the operating system, the page visits, the bounce rate, the conversion rates, the conversion funnel, the average sessions per visitor , the average pages per session, the average session length, the time spent on the website and the preferred content of the website. All of this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics does not use the collected data to identify individual users or to match the data with additional information about an individual user.
We do not use cookies to collect this data. Instead, we use what is known as fingerprint technology, which does not require cookies, files or technologies to be placed on your device. Fingerprint capture relies on the technical characteristics of your device and combines them to identify your device as a unique device and enable reliable analysis.

2. Visitor Recordings
Visitor tracking is an additional feature of Visitor Analytics (described above) in the form of a simple website playback tool that records in statistics where our website visitors have scrolled to and what they have clicked on our website. We can see this information aggregated in reproductions and so-called “thermal images” or interaction maps. Collecting these statistics helps us to make our website more user-friendly and to reproduce and correct technical errors.
As a website operator who uses visitor records, we generally use a section of a tracking code to collect data about the journey of our visitors on our website, which sub-pages they visit, what they clicked on, where they moved the mouse pointer and where they scrolled to . All of this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics does not use the collected data to identify individual users or to match them with additional information about an individual user.​

Purposes of processing personal data

We process the aforementioned data for the operation of our website and for the fulfillment of contractual obligations towards our customers and the safeguarding of our legitimate interests.

In the case of inquiries from you outside of an active customer relationship, we process the data for the purposes of sales and advertising. You can object to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time.​

Voluntary information

If you voluntarily provide us with data, e.g. in forms, and these are not required for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations, we process this data on the justified assumption that the processing and use of this data is in your interest.​

Recipient / transfer of data

Data that you provide to us will generally not be passed on to third parties. In particular, your data will not be passed on to third parties for their advertising purposes.

However, we may use service providers for the operation of this website or for other products or services from us. Here it can happen that a service provider becomes aware of personal data. We select our service providers carefully – especially with regard to data protection and data security – and take all measures required by data protection law for permissible data processing.

Data processing outside the European Union

As far as personal data is processed outside of the European Union, this can be found in the previous statements.

Data protection officer

We are not obliged to appoint a data protection officer. You can of course contact us about data protection issues by email at

Your rights as a data subject

You have the right to information about your personal data. You can contact us at any time for information. In the event of a request for information that is not made in writing, we ask for your understanding that we may require evidence from you that proves that you are the person you claim to be.

Furthermore, you have a right to correction or deletion or to restriction of processing, insofar as you are legally entitled to do so.

Finally, you have the right to object to processing within the framework of the legal requirements.

A right to data portability also exists within the framework of data protection regulations.

Deletion of data

We generally delete personal data if there is no need for further storage. A requirement can exist in particular if the data is still required to fulfill contractual services, to check warranty and, if applicable, guarantee claims and to be able to grant or defend them. In the case of statutory retention requirements, deletion can only be considered after the respective retention requirement has expired.

Right of appeal to a supervisory authority

You have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of personal data by us.

Changes to this data protection notice

We revise this data protection notice in the event of changes to this website or other occasions that make this necessary. The current version can always be found on this website.

Modified August 2023